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Montefiore White Colombard Chardonnay is a beautiful wine, a big part of it being due to the Israeli climate. Its flowery aroma and good acidity make it an excellent blending component. Chardonnay is well established in Israel and is known for producing some of Israel’s finest white wines. Some of the best varietal Chardonnays come from the Judean Hills wine region. 

70% Colombard / 30% Chardonnay 

Producer: Montefiore
Bottles in case: 12
Mevushal: No
Alc/Vol: 12.5%
Size: 750ml
Region: Israel
Type: Dry
Colour: Red
Varietal: Colombard / Chardonnay
Supervision: OK & Bedatz Beis Yosef
Kosher For Passover: Yes