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TENJAKU – Japanese Botanical Gin Bottling Notes


The botanicals used come in part from the Western tradition as a juniper, coriander, lemon dezion and orange, root of angelic, cassia bark, licorice, giaggie root, nutmeg and cinnamon. But the botanical ones of the Japanese tradition that make this gin very interesting are added: it is yuzu, sansho, green tea and fishery extract.

It is presented with crystalline and transparent color and expresses delicate aromas of juniper accompanied by floral notes and citrus fruit. The palate is elegant and delicate with a very good balance between the fresh and refreshing notes and the hot notes of alcohol.

The place of production is the country of Fuefuki, an area rich in nature and raw materials surrounded by the mountains : to the north and west two national parks, to the south the majestic Mount Fuji. In this valley they focus on the sorgive waters that emerge by crossing the subsoil with its porous washing stones.


A gin capable of conveying the Japanese zen spirit, bringing the human being in peace and harmony with the elements.