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Winemaker Notes

For many centuries, generations of farmers in the majestic Douro Valley in northern Portugal have kept back stocks of their best wines. These ancient oak casks were seldom moved and only rarely topped up. A few litres might be enjoyed on special occasions but prized aged tawny ports were absolutely ‘the family silver’.


The van Zeller family arrived in Portugal in the middle of the XVIIth century, when they left their original birthplace in the Low Countries (Netherlands) for the Douro Valley. The van Zellers quickly established themselves as Douro and Port wine merchants via marriages with already established families in the trade in Porto. Highly respected within the Douro, the van Zeller winery is now run by Cristiano van Zeller.


Ben Howkins has known Cristiano for many years, and felt he would be the perfect partner for The Last Drop. And so it proved: after much searching, they have unearthed something unique and wonderful: The Last Drop “Centenario”: a Duo of Ports.

It comprises two very old Tawny Ports, from 1870 and 1970. One hundred years separate these two extraordinary ports, but they are both from the same vineyards – across the river from Quinta Santa Julia, the 18th century family estate of the van Zeller family, in the Baixo Corgo.