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Winemaker Notes 


In Bordeaux, the river Gironde divides the wine growing region into two parts, the Left and Right Bank. The Left Bank focuses on Cabernet driven complexity and structure, while the Right Bank is built upon Merlot and produces rich, balanced and inviting wines. What does all of this have to do with winemaking in Napa? Well, nothing really, we make our own rules, but it provides inspiration for our Cuvée Équité. 2017 will always be defined by the fires that began in Napa and Sonoma in the midst of harvest on October 8th, 2017. The winery and our team were thankfully spared from any direct damage to property and homes; however three of our vineyard sites had yet to be picked in the affected areas. Once picked and fermentation began, we assessed the resulting wines from those sites and while an unfortunate loss, it was an easy decision to declassify and remove them from consideration. Happily we’re working on a little side project with our friends at Old Trestle Distillery to turn those lots into some top shelf brandy, so hopefully we’ll have something fun to share around 2024! Beyond the fires, 2017 was an extremely rewarding year for winemaking. From increased rainfall in the winter to a dramatic heat spike in August, the weather brought challenges, but careful and attentive farming was rewarded with wonderful results in the cellar. Though we were sad to lose the potential from the three vineyards that were smoke tainted, once those lots were set aside, we were delighted by the quality of what remained. This wine is dedicated to all those who hold equity in our dream and help to make this pursuit of ours possible. Share with those who do the same for you. The 2017 will be bright and beautiful in its youth and will be a strong contender 5-7 years of additional age.