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Distiller Notes

Gin obtained through an infusion of saffron is a true concentrate of Tuscany, the saffron is in fact produced by a company in Castelfiorentino. Gin with a strong and elegant flavor, it can be enjoyed neat with ice and lemon, but winks at mixology in all its forms. 

The procedure to prepare it resembles an ancient and fascinating ritual: after the bain-marie in the saffron pistils, a distillate of Gin with a decidedly aromatic flavor is obtained. The purity of the spice, produced by a company from Castelfiorentino, gives it a strong and elegant flavor at the same time. The origin of the product is indicated on the label, to validate its Tuscan roots and to guarantee the most complete transparency. It can also be enjoyed neat with ice and lemon, but it certainly lends itself to multiple imaginative combinations for cocktails.